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PostPosted: Mon Mar 14, 2011 5:47 pm    Post subject: POC Marketing Reply with quote

POC - Point Of Contact Marketing

In an effort to create brand visibility I've taken to trying out different types of packaging such as stickers and embossed print boxes with my logo upon them and also protective vinyl wraps with my logo and website emblazoned upon them.

Not just limited to packaging but to envelopes and stationary. E-mails were the easiest, just include a quick signature. Stationary is a bit harder. I use open office so don't have all the nifty features and technicals of microsoft word's office (I also have $700 more in my pocket for not buying it - thanks to Stefano Brunesci for OO's link).

This is just one tiny example of POC marketing - the game is to hit as many interaction points with your audience as possible to fuel them towards becoming a consistent client. This could be email, uniform, packaging, phone call, anywhere your client can interact with anything that reminds or associates them to you.

A case study for your own use, For example: I've a corporate headshot this evening, how many points of contact can you think of that will make a connection with your client? This is how I would handle it, note the * where a POC is being attempted:

Case Study - Corporate Headshot

* Initially on the phone, being a # I didn't recognize I answered formally, name and business name.

If it were e-mail, however, your first point of contact to appeal to the client would be having elements of your branding appear in the signature line.

Now throughout the shoot itself I don't really do anything. Would like some ideas there from you guys and girls.

In a headshot session I'm giving out the digital files usually.. It may seem like overkill but depending on the budget I like to give a *branded CD or flashdrive.

In this case it's going to be the cd (-2$ instead of -150$). I picked up the tip from KMR's blog here: http://www.exposingfashion.com/2010/08/18/branding-delivering-your-image/

Then it's just the paperwork train, which I like to start early in the day and fill out as info becomes readily available. *Change orders, *invoices, *receipts and *e-mails again, or *envelopes.

Branded flash drive or cd in the mail or dropped off with a *brochure or *business card, or *promo card. In my case perhaps a *personal invitation to an exhibit I'm hosting.

Speaking of which you're all invited! https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=182690318436545

Your turn. What is it that you do in your POC marketing ? How many can you hit? Share any tips, tricks, etc.

If you have reached this far and don't have a brand or logo yet, or have not done anything to do with the above I can supply some key links and pictures of my stuff, but I'll assume since this is a pro forum and you're all likely epically far richer than me you've probably already done that (good grief I hope so).

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